It is so very frustrating to be job hunting at the age of 57. Just ask my husband. Laid off for no fault of his own. Years and years of experience in one of the hottest fields out there right now. But, no. He can’t get hired.

They get all excited when they see his resume, put him through skill tests, phone interviews, video interviews, and then, if he gets an in-person interview, not only doesn’t he get hired, we never hear a word, one way or the other, ever. So we call or email, and THEN we get told “we went another direction”.

It can only be one of two things: age, or citizenship. My husband is a U.S. permanent resident via marriage. He has been for 20 years, and was just renewed through 2027. No sponsorship required, as long as we are married. But he’s 57.

And now, since he’s been out of work for almost five months, that’s another worry. Places think that if you are out of work that long, of course, you’ve forgotten everything you know. Bull. He has spent every minute of his free time doing freelance work and learning new skills, as well as brushing up on ones he hadn’t used for a while.

An example here in Detroit is Quicken Loans. He applied there and they called, immediately. It was his exact job description from his last positions — he’s done this for the past 6 years. He had a lengthy phone interview with the HR person, was told it would be followed up by a phone interview with the IT person. Did it happen? Nope. He did get an email telling him they were going with candidates who had more of the core skills they were looking for. However, everything listed in the job description was what he has been doing. And he has fantastic references from all his previous employers. He has even lowered his salary range to below what someone of his skills should earn. So what is it?

I truly don’t know, but we are exhausted from applying for 5-10 positions every day, working with many recruiters, etc. And I am so tired of reading articles about how in-demand his skills are. Apparently, they’re only “in demand” if you’re under 50 . . . or in many cases, under 40.

#ageism #workafter50